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Arrived in Dornoch

After a marathon of travel that included IND to BWI, Dulles to London, London to Glasgow and Glasgow to Dornoch, we safely arrived at a wonderfule Bed & Breakfast, Th Bank House, in Dornoch, Scotland. We enjoyed a very Scottish meal at the pub across the street and are ready tp head to sleep for the first time in what seems like a century! I have posted picture below of picking up our car, travel to Dornoch and the Bank House. We are very excited to get up and play the Donald Ross designed course, Royal Dornoch this morning.




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Let me explain...

So I jumped straight into this blog without really telling you what we are doing (in case you don't already know). Brian, David (Brian's Dad), Carrie (Brian's Sister) and I are headed to Scotland for a golf trip. We are playing golf almost everyday for 14 days. The itinerary reads like a dream list of historic and British Open courses (including the Old Course at St. Andrews!. Carrie and I will play 12 courses, while Brian and his dad will play 15. The golf will start in Dornoch in the northern part of Scotland and take us all around the country and back to Glasgow. I won't give you the complete itinerary, so you have reason to keep reading....

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More Photos


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Who needs sleep?

Safely arrived in London around 6:30 a.m. local time


Our flight had only just started. I love that the map screen in front of me says "We will be arriving at London- Heathrow Soon " and we are still 6 hours away. Carrie is already a sleeping.


Brian and David are sitting behind us and Brian had finally stopped kicking our seats. We were off to a great start! Unfortunately the 2 and 5 year olds two rows behind us didn't agree. At approximately 4:30 a.m. London Time the five year old had a TOTAL meltdown. Including kicking Brian's seat incessantly. Which has probably led to why Brian looks exhausted in Heathrow Airport. I know we will all be very happy to land in Glasgow around 2:30 p.m. We are about five hours ahead here, so that is 9:30 a.m. in your world.


Carrie and David are currently hanging out in the premier executive lounge. I will upload a few more photos of our travel here to Heathrow and then hopefully grab a quick nap. The next time I write, we should be in Scotland!!!!

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Indianapolis to D.C.

Part 1 successful!

sunny 85 °F

Brian and I have made it from Indianapolis to Washington D.C. We arrived in Baltimore last night with relative ease. Thanks to Andy for the ride to the airport! Mom and Megan have graciously agreed to take care of puppies and watch the house for the next two weeks. I predict that Lizzy will decide she likes the farm and playing with Zoe and Abby will be ready to return to the city, but we will see. Today we initiate Part 2 of the travel portion of getting to Scotland. We will head to the Dulles airport for our flight from Washington to Glasgow, Scotland via London. Part three of the travel will involve a drive from Glasgow to Dornoch in Northern Scotland tomorrow. I will try to keep you updated through this blog, but it is a first attempt at blogging, so this may be the first and last entry. I am also not sure exactly what our access will be to internet yet. If you are near my puppies give them a hug for me!

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